Here are some quotes from some of our past class participants.
At Rock Tred Institute, we strive to exceed all expectations for the Polymer Flooring Industry's training.

 Very informative! This was the cleanest and most professional facility I have seen 

 Very well done. After 20 years of flooring, it was still worth my time! 

 Rock Tred Institute has the best training in the Industry. It was an outstanding experience 

  A real world education on how to install polymer flooring systems that will perform properly 

 Man, did I ever learn a lot! 

 Awesome experience with a comnpany that cares as much about its customers as it does about their products 

 Grateful to be working with a compnay that understands business friendships and growing our knowlege together. Thank you! 

 Very knowledgeable staff, excellent training experience! 

 Nobody else actually competes 

 I am so glad I cam to class. Very valuable info, I feel I was supported by your team 

 the highest manufacturing and quality assurance our there! 

 Very very good experiences. Rock-Tred Institute went way beyond what I expected.