Elasti-Poxi Joint Fill

Available Sizes
  • 2 Gallon Kits
  • 10 Gallon Kits
  • 100% solids
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Permanently flexible
  • Free flowing, self-leveling, easy to apply formula
  • VOC Complient / solvent free
  • Easy mix ratio
  • Extremely durable
  • Able to be colored in all our standard colors


ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL is a 2-component, 100% solids, 100% reactive epoxy that has been formulated to fill joints, cracks or saw cuts and remain flexible after cure. ELASTIPOXI JOINT FILL meets ASTM specification C920 (Type M, Grade P) has 85% elongation upon full cure and meets all USDA/FDA guidelines for use in federally inspected facilities.



ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL is a unique flexible epoxy that can be used to fill or seal cracks, saw cuts or joints in a concrete substrate. ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL is manufactured in clear and can be field pigmented using ROCK-TRED Colorants.


Typical Coverage

Coverage is a function of joint width and depth. One gallon of ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL will fill approximately 77 linear feet of ½" deep x ½" wide joints or cracks. Contact ROCK-TRED for a full coverage/estimating chart.


Physical Properties

Volume mix ratio 1:1 (Resin to Hardener)
Viscosity (mixed) 12,000 CPS mixed
Solids Content (%) 100 % (ASTM D-2697)
VOC Compliant with all US Regulations
Application Temps 60°-85°F (10°-29°C)
Hardness (ASTM D0-2240) 30-40 (Shore D)
Gel Time 30 minutes @ 75°F
Dry to Touch 3-5 hours @ 75° F (24° C)
Through Cure 6-9 hours @ 75° F (24° C)
'Open' to vehicle traffic 24+ hours @ 75° F (24° C)
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened containers

Limitations & For Best Results

  • Do not thin this product.
  • Do not apply when Humidity exceeds 70% indoors.
  • Allow each coat to dry to 'tack-free' or clear prior to re-coat.
  • When re-coating, always apply the next coat within 24 hours of completing the previous coat.

Product Application

Apply using 1:1 plural component pump with static mixer, bulk caulk gun, squeeze bottle or pour from small diameter plastic container. ROCK-TRED product test data is based on environmental temperatures of 75°F. Viscosity and working time are always affected by temperatures above or below that mark. When applying product always consider the ambient, surface, and product temperature at the time and place of installation.



ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL is manufactured in clear and can be field pigmented using any ROCK-TRED Universal Colorant at a ratio of 1 full bag pack of colorant per 3 mixed gallons of ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL.


Chemical Resistance

Always refer to ROCK-TRED's chemical resistant chart for specific information on each product / system or contact ROCK-TRED directly.


Product Storage

DO NOT allow ROCK-TRED products to freeze. All ROCK-TRED products should be properly stored above the floor on pallets or shelves, and in an area that has a constant minimum temperature of 50° F (100 C).


Surface Preparation

Always apply ROCK-TRED products to a clean / sound substrate that is free of laitance, grease, oils, debris, and curing compounds. Concrete substrates should be cured for a minimum of 28 days prior to application of product [except as otherwise noted on the individual Product Data Sheet]. Whenever possible, remove existing coatings and/or flooring systems completely; if complete removal is not possible always perform tests to determine adhesion and compatibility to the existing flooring. Mechanical preparation using a diamond blade leaving the joint sidewalls and bottom clean and bare is the recommended method for attaining best adhesion with ELASTI-POXI JOINT FILL. If the substrate is not properly prepared and the appropriate profile is not achieved, failure of the product to adhere to the substrate may occur.


Clean Up

Application tools and equipment can be cleaned with soap and water immediately after use, or with solvent once the product has begun to cure.



Product containers will contain product residue and must be disposed of properly. Label warnings must be observed at all times. All containers must be disposed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.


Important Notice

Always read and acquaint yourself with ROCK-TRED'S Product Data Sheet, SDS [safety data sheet], and product labels for each individual product prior to mixing and prior to use. For further assistance, product questions, additional information and/or unexpected or unusual installation conditions contact your Area Sales Representative or ROCK-TRED directly for recommendations. Kit components are pre-measured for optimal performance and are not to be field split. Catalyzation errors due to incorrect mixing in the field voids product warranty.