• Packaged in one gallon units
  • Packaged as a field additive to provide applicator control over finished mixed viscosity of product.
  • Using Viscosity Reducer will not alter the high performance physical properties of CHEM-THANE P-200 such as UV and chemical resistance, flexibility, low temperature curing and abrasion resistance.
  • Will increase the flow, cure time and coverage rate of CHEM-THANE P-200.
  • CHEM-THANE P-200 Viscosity Reducer is made from VOC exempt, low odor materials. Using the Viscosity Reducer will NOT increase reportable VOC or HAPS. Only a slight odor increase results when used at the maximum loading ratio.


CHEM-THANE P-200 Viscosity Reducer is an additive designed for use only with CHEM-THANE P-200, ROCK-TRED’s modified 89% solids aliphatic / polyaspartic high performance coating for low temperature applications.



CHEM-THANE P-200 Viscosity Reducer aids in ease of application when using CHEM-THANE P-200 by lowering the mixed viscosity of the material and allowing for higher coverage rates. When a full load of the Viscosity Reducer is added to CHEM-THANE P-200 it becomes a self-priming coating. Using Viscosity Reducer in pigmented CHEM-THANE P-200 will result in lower than normal hiding.


Mixing Ratio

CHEM-THANE P-200 Viscosity Reducer is to be used only with CHEM-THANE P 200 up to a maximum loading rate of 21 oz. Viscosity Reducer per mixed gallon of CHEM-THANE P-200. You may use less than the maximum loading rate to fine tune the mixed viscosity per the job needs.


Limitations & For Best Results

  • Do use more than 21 oz. of CHEM-THANE P- 200 Viscosity Reducer per mixed gallon of CHEM-THANE P-200.
  • Keep away from open flame and ignition sources.



Product Application


Add CHEM-THANE P-200 Viscosity Reducer to the resin component of CHEM-THANE P 200, mix slowly by hand or at very low RPM for 30 seconds until incorporated. Proceed to add CHEM-THANE P-200 hardener and follow standard CHEM-THANE P-200 mixing and application instructions.


Product Storage

DO NOT allow ROCK-TRED products to freeze. All ROCK-TRED products should be properly stored above the floor on pallets or shelves, and in an area that has a constant minimum temperature of 50°F.



Product containers will contain product residue and must be disposed of properly. Label warnings must be observed at all times. All containers must be disposed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.