Chris O’Brien teaches you are about the chain test for testing a concrete base.

Chris O’Brien looks at contraction joints and explains why checking the depth is important to do prior to completing a saw cut.

In this Tech Tips video, Chris O’Brien teaches consumers about the differences between ASTM 1869 tests and ASTM F2170 tests.

Chris O’Brien teaches you how to calculate material coverage ratios in this short tech tips video. 1 gallon of Rock-Tred epoxy will cover 1604 sq. ft. at 1mil.

Chris O'Brien demonstrates the proper way to use Mohs Hardness test.

Chris O'Brien demonstrates the appropriate way to test adhesion using tape. The test demonstrated in the video is ASTM-D3359

Chris O'Brien discusses the difference between Gel Time and Pot Life.

Chris O'Brien teaches you how to use a digital psychrometer to check and measure the dew point and help you avoid amine blush.

Chris O'Brien talks about a different quantitative adhesion test. Chris walks you step by step through how this test works and also explains why it is important.

Chris O'Brien discusses the importance of testing concrete PH prior to installing your new floor coating.

Chris O'Brien explains how you can differentiate between a resilient coating and a hard coating. Chris then discusses the benefits and trade-offs of each.

Chris O'Brien discusses how to decipher whether or not a flooring surface is ready to be coated using a simple test involving water droplets.