Rock-Tred August Newsletter


From The Top Of The Rock!

2008 seems like a lifetime ago for me. It was in that year that I took control of Rock Tred. It was a company that had been around for a very long time but also a company that had lost its way. It was losing money each year and had no vision for its future. The employees were defeated, and there was no unity in the ranks. This lead to a lack of responsibility and lots of finger pointing. In the first 3 months of taking over the business, it became crystal clear to me that I would need to replace almost every employee. The culture they had lived under was not one that I believed in or could live with. Having to let go of people is the worst part of managing any business but getting the right people on board and the wrong people off board is the most essential component to any company's health and success. After the first year of business, I had replaced all of the company's managers with people I trusted. These new people were team players, wanted to be a part of something great and understood that the business needed to be great in order for the team to thrive. With the right team on board, I wrote new vision and mission statements to help guide the team to and through the future.


Please join us for one of the last two contractor training sessions of 2016.
Rock-Tred Institute will be held in our training center August 16-18, 2016.

This three-day format will comprise of approximately 50% classroom, where we cover the basics of surface preparation, up through and including estimating and job costing to make better profits.We will demonstrate close to 20 different product solutions and systems. Please check out our website for a full class description, and if interested, please contact Rock-Tred's General Manager, Erik Sebby; or 847.972.2125.


Rock-Tred's Ultra U.V Top Coat Epoxy.........Still The Best!

For nearly six years Rock-Tred's' Ultra U.V. epoxy top coat has continued to out prove ALL competitors epoxy top coat against Ultra Violet attack. This revolutionary patented formula exhibits UN matched performance, only our line of polyaspartics test better.

Ultra U.V. is contractor friendly (built by contractors for contractors) and has a nice "working time" and allows smaller crews to complete projects. Our chemistry TEAM has created a longer working time, but a fairly rapid "cure" curve, allowing this to be walked on in about 6-8 hours depending on surface and air temperatures.

Additionally, the Ultra U.V. is the "carrier" product in our Floor Essence Metallics system; this reduces steps as an additional top coat is generally not required. Lastly, no other competitor has such a super formulation at the price point we offer our contractors.

View Our Chem-Rock Ultra UV
View Our Floor Essence Metallics System