The reviews are in! See for yourself what contractors have to say about Our Institute.


"Best training class I have been to ever, very informative and will help me grow!"-Chicago, IL


"I've been doing this for 12 years, and wish I would of taken these back at the beginning. So much information"-Wisconsin


"Should be a requirement of every contractor installing floor and wall coatings and systems"-Alabama


"I'm fairly new to this, but with the handouts provided and the discussion among others with more experience, I feel like I can successfully install any floor or wall system….thank…..I'll be back next year to make sure I'm still on the right path."-Minnesota


"The presentation was amazing, but being able to network with others who have the same challenges I do was more than worth the price. Really loved the 2 hour Estimating Exercise, learned so much of how wrong I was making my bids"-Iowa


I signed up as a painter who could do floors, now I'm a floor professional who can also paint!!-Pittsburgh, PA