2008 seems like a lifetime ago for me. It was in that year that I took control of Rock Tred. It was a company that had been around for a very long time but also a company that had lost its way. It was losing money each year and had no vision for its future. The employees were defeated and there was no unity in the ranks. This lead to a lack of responsibility and lots of finger pointing. In the first 3 months of taking over the business it became crystal clear to me that I would need to replace almost every employee. The culture they had lived under was not one that I believed in or could live with. Having to let go of people is the worst part of managing any business but getting the right people on board and the wrong people off board is the most essential component to any company’s health and success. After the first year of business I had replaced all of the company’s managers with people I trusted. These new people were team players, wanted to be a part of something great and understood that the business needed to be great in order for the team to thrive. With the right team on board I wrote new vision and mission statements to help guide the team to and through the future.

Rock-Tred Mission Statement To relate to customers, suppliers and employees equally, with honesty and integrity. To be relentless in improving manufacturing processes and product performance. To be at the forefront of innovation and change in the coatings materials market. To build a team of the best employees with a common goal to succeed. To build sustainable profitability and growth for all. 
Rock-Tred Vision Statement To earn the reputation that the Rock-Tred brand offers the best value for quality products in the markets we serve. To offer our customers this high value through consistently superior service including: 100% on time and accurate shipment, strict adherence to product manufacturing tolerances and innovation in products, packaging and safety.

Writing to all of you in August of 2016, I am proud to say that I believe we have made huge strides to becoming the great company I envisioned 8 years ago. We know that we are not perfect but we are committed to becoming more perfect each we come to work together. Our product line is deep and wide and our record of having products ready when you need them is second to none! With your solid feedback and support we will continue to strive to be the supplier you most want to do business with. You will never be just us a number to us because you make all the difference to our success!

Rock On
Chris O’Brien

I hope this helps you continue on the road to success! If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss this topic further I can be reached at:, or (317) 281-8646.

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