Time = $, Rock-Tred Fast Floor

Rock-Tred’s Fast Floor EP, ONE DAY HIGH SOLIDS Floor System Will Make You More Money!

The system comprises of a pigmented coat of Chem-Rock-LT-45, 100% solids epoxy. This product will cure very quickly (usually a few hours) with substrate and air temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chosen aggregate, Flake, Chips, Hybrid Flake or quartz is broadcast into the LT-45 and allowed to cure. After the cure, you can sweep, screen, leaf blow or vacuum the excessive flake.

A coat of Rock-Tred’s P-50 Polyaspartic is then applied using a squeegee and a back roll finishing technique. Some contractors have also chosen Rock-Tred’s Ultra-U.V. 100% solids as a top coat. An excellent choice but it will take approximately 8-10 hours to cure to allow foot traffic.


  • Beat your competition!
  • More projects completed weekly, monthly and yearly!
  • Less disruption and smell for your customers!
  • New P-50 Polyaspartic has more working time, and comes with a reducer for warmer project conditions.
  • Beats every competitor in both price per gallon and price per mil installed EVERY TIME!