For nearly six years Rock-Tred’s’ Ultra U.V. epoxy top coat has continued to out prove ALL competitors epoxy top coat against Ultra Violet attack.
This revolutionary patented formula exhibits UN matched performance, only our line of polyaspartics test better.

Ultra U.V. is contractor friendly (built by contractors for contractors) and has a nice “working time” and allows smaller crews to complete projects. Our chemistry TEAM has created a longer working time, but a fairly rapid “cure” curve, allowing this to be walked on in about 6-8 hours depending on surface and air temperatures.

Additionally the Ultra U.V. is the “carrier” product in our Floor Essence Metallics system; this reduces steps as an additional top coat is generally not required.

Lastly, no other competitor has such a super formulation at the price point we offer our contractors.

Please review the links to our Ultra U.V. and the Floor Essence Metallics.

I hope this helps you continue on the road to success! If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss this topic further I can be reached at:, or (317) 281-8646.