Project Planning 101: Keeping Track of Equipment and Disposable Items


Last month we discussed in our first part of Project Planning 101, what type of information should be included in a project file. Now we are going to talk about keeping track of equipment, small tools and disposables that go out on a project.

A large number of contractors DO NOT do a very good job of tracking these items. As contractors get busier it’s very easy to miss the small details. As an example a few months back I visited a very nice high-profile project with our Rock-Tred Rep and the Contractor who completed this install. A perfect “10” per the customer, “couldn’t be happier”. The last question the customer asked was “when are you coming back to pick-up the leftover product and equipment?” The Contractors face said it all.

We were shown to a small storage area. There was 4 full kits of material, 2 ½ boxes of flakes, two extension cords, a leaf blower and two fairly new brooms. Not a huge deal right? WRONG! When following up with the contractor I asked how he tracks this, he doesn’t.

My point by taking care of the nickels, dimes and quarters the dollars will add up.