Ammunition for Specialty Projects

While most of the space here in ROCK-TRED News is usually dedicated to our newest or top selling products and systems, this month we want to talk about some specialty products that can help you in difficult situations.


Problem: You have a large project that has 10-12 metal grates running the length of the floor. What can you use to coat and protect these grates?

Answer: CHEM-ROCK DTM (DTM=direct to metal). This high solids (82%) coating is formulated to bond to marginally prepared metal surfaces while providing superior adhesion and chemical resistance.

Problem: Your customer has a concrete patio that has been stained, but needs a “new gloss” look and it is outside.

Answer: PERMERAL. This 36% solids single component water-based urethane/acrylic formula is perfect. It is easy to apply and will bring back a high shine to dulled polymer coatings and can seal/protect concrete. It is actually pennies per square foot and is conveniently packaged in both 1 gallon and 5 gallon kits…..consider it high build wax on STEROIDS!

Problem: The large factory project you just were awarded has a 900 square foot battery charging area. This is where all of the fork-truck batteries are charged and these batteries leak sulfuric acid on the floor.

Answer: NOVO-POXI - This highly chemical resistant, 100% solids novolac formula is a GREAT solution for this area. NOVO-POXI is much more viscous than traditional ROCK-TRED epoxies. It’s high density, highly crosslinked formula will make sure the concrete surface is protected from acid attack and prevent seepage through the slab into the groundwater. NOVO-POXI has an extremely competitive price point for our contractors allowing them to complete in the corrosion control market.

Problem: Your customer has a small chipped area in his epoxy floor in a cooler that needs to be repaired ASAP.

Answer: ROCK-TRED’S LT-25. This 100% solids epoxy is USDA/FDA approved, and can be applied without having to remove food and bring cooler up to standard 60 degree temperatures.

ROCK-TRED has been solving problems for contractors since 1939! Let our experienced TEAM help you with ALL of your coating projects and challenges.