Rock-Tred July Newsletter


Experience tells us there are very few "bad installations" but when a customer's expectations are not met, most of the time it is perceived as a bad installation.

ROCK-TRED offers several options for top coating resinous flooring:

Chem Rock LV/MV
This product line continues to be the “work-horse” line of 100% solids epoxy products for ROCK-TRED.  Both the LV (low viscosity) and MV (medium viscosity) are suitable as top coats.  Both of these products offer good chemical resistance and good Ultra Violet tolerance (meaning the top coat will not amber as quickly as some others).  If you have a floor that is NOT exposed to higher than normal chemical concentrations or extreme UV exposure, Chem-Rock LV or MV are your product.

See LV tech date here
See MV tech data here

Chem-Rock Ultra UV: 
ALL epoxies will degrade by exposure to ultra violet (UV) rays.  They solution to this problem is in the manufacturer’s UV resistance additives and technology.  That where our Ultra U.V. out performs all other competitors, and we have the results.  This product is a 100% solids epoxy and is extremely easy to apply.  For the majority of our residential garage floors contractors and customers this is the top coat of choice.

See UV tech data here

The newest additions to the ROCK-TRED portfolio are these 2 polyaspartic products.  Polyaspartic technology is not new to our industry, but with recent raw material suppliers changing, true manufacturers like ROCK-TRED now have access to new raw materials that have improved every aspect of this product line. This non-epoxy technology is very different than epoxy.  These products DO NOT lend themselves to adding “air release” or “bubble breaker” additives, so any excess air introduced during the mixing or application can lead to air bubbles.  Additionally, when job site conditions are very warm and/or have higher humidity levels, the cure time of polyaspartics is accelerated.

See P50 tech data here
See P100 tech data here

When your project has high chemical exposure this product will be the choice.  Again, this is a 100% solids coating with a novolac base designed for “tighter” polymer cross-linking that does not allow chemicals to penetrate and weaken the coating.

See Novo-poxi tech data here

Chem-Thane WB Urethane: 
One of the biggest and newest trends we are seeing is the return to water-based or water-borne products.  Our Chem-Thane WB line is very easy to use and delivers the performance that has been proven over time from urethanes.  

See Chem-Thane WB tech data here

EASY COVE Sales Continue at an AMAZING Pace!

A patented design protects against moisture intrusion and proven capability to withstand combustion.

Dramatically cutting shipping costs, the Easycove is lighter weight per carton than any other pre-formed polymer cove.

Simply measure your inside or outside angle, cut and install. Any angle!

Custom made to any length and assembled in minutes, saving significant labor costs over traditional trowel down cove.

4″ and 6″ tall Radius Cove Base
Height: 4″ and 6″
Cove radius: 1″+
Base portion thickness: Nominal ¼”
Length: 48″
Thickness out from wall: < 1 ¼"
Weight: approx. 0.56 lbs/ft and 0.81 lbs/ft
Will not support combustion
Packaging (15) 4′ pieces/box, totaling 60′/box; 
one 4″ box = 34 lbs and one 6″ box = 49 lbs