Case Study: Rock-Tred Flooring Systems Restore Slip Resistance, Cleanability & Luxury Catering Facility


The Challenge
Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events was in need of new flooring at its Emeryville, CA facility. Existing coatings and systems in the dishwashing area, walk-in coolers and wash down area had outlived their useful life and were showing significant signs of wear, posing safety risks.

The dishwashing area’s thin film coating had worn off, exposing the concrete substrate below to moisture. The walk-in coolers’ finish coat was highly worn and posed a slip hazard. Its cove base had deteriorated and needed to be repaired to restore functionality and cleanability. The wash down area floor was significantly worn and damaged by moisture.

Since the business operates seven days a week preparing meals for various events, the new flooring needed to be installed quickly. Extra downtime could have impacted profits.

The Contractor
Based in Castro Valley, CA, Impact Floor Solutions specializes in installing commercial, industrial and residential polymer flooring and wall systems. The company’s owner, Theo van de Sande, is a Rock-Tred Trained Installer with extensive experience installing Rock-Tred products and systems.

The Solution
To restore durable, non-slip textures and ensure acceptable cleanliness could be maintained, Impact Flooring Solutions recommended the following Rock-Tred products and systems:

  • Dishwashing area – Impact Floor Solutions chose Rock-Crete System in grey for the 472 square-foot dishwashing area. This system is ideal for projects with fast turnaround, as it can be installed over seven-day-old concrete, while other systems require the concrete to be cured for 30 days prior to installation. It provides a durable finish for high-traffic areas that is impact, chemical and heat resistant and can be textured for use in wet areas.   
  • Walk-in coolers – Chem-Rock LV in grey was used in the 300 square-foot walk-in coolers to provide protection from abrasion, food acids and other spills.
  • Wash down area – To create a safe, durable surface for the wash down area, a red Rock-Crete System was selected. This system is thick and is capable of holding the large aggregate needed to create the aggressive profile in the 740 square-foot space. 

The Installation

  • In the dishwashing area, Impact Floor Solutions prepared the substrate with diamond grinding. They then installed Rock-Crete System on the floor and cove base to create a durable finished floor.
  • For the walk-in coolers, Impact Floor Solutions began by grinding down the substrate and cove base, which revealed moisture damage in the cove base. They repaired the cove and installed Chem-Rock LV with a medium non-skid texture.
  • The wash down area required extensive preparation, including the removal of food grease followed by diamond grinding and saw cutting. Impact Floor Solutions installed Rock-Crete system in red, creating an aggressive, non-skid profile to make the floor slip-resistant.

During the installation process, the facility lost power. Despite this setback, the installation team didn’t skip a beat, using generators to finish installing the flooring systems. Thanks to Impact Flooring Solutions’ dedication and resourcefulness, the flooring was successfully installed within the tight timeline.

“When we were determining the best flooring system for Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events, Rock-Tred was the obvious choice,” said van de Sande. “Rock-Crete and Chem-Rock LV allowed us to meet all of the catering facility’s needs in a short timeline, providing a safe, durable space for the company to continue to grow.”