The Advantages of Chem-Thane P-80

ROCK-TRED announced the release of our newest polyaspartic coating Chem-Thane P-80 at the 2018 World of Concrete show and so far the eedback from installers using this new formula has been very positive.  Like its sister products Chem-Thane P-50, P-100 and P-200, Chem-Thane P-80 provides all the expected characteristics of a ROCK-TRED polyaspartic.  

What Sets Chem-Thane P-80 Apart?


  •  LOW ODOR – unlike many competitor’s solvent laden polyaspartic formulas, ROCK-TRED uses only exempt, low odor solvents.  This allows our formulas to be compliant with all VOC and HAPS regulations throughout the US  
  • EXCEPTIONAL CLARITY – all ROCK-TRED polyaspartics are truly water clear coatings with excellent color and clarity retention 
  • VERY HIGH UV RESISTANCE – the polysapartic coatings manufactured by ROCK-TRED are high end formulas using very pure ingredients.  The higher quality formula translates into the highest UV resistance available.  ROCK-TRED polyapartic coatings are UV resistant enough to be confidently installed in outdoor applications. 
  • QUICK DRYING/FAST RETURN TO SERVICE – our Chem-Thane polyaspartic products are engineered to cure and be ready for duty rapidly, but also allow the installer enough working time for application      

In addition to these common advantages, Chem-Thane P-80 provides other unique benefits listed below.  

  • Chem-Thane P-80 was formulated to provide a lower solids and lower cost alternative polyaspartic without sacrificing performance.  At 80% solids, Chem-Thane P-80 remains a high solids coating with very good film building characteristics and a reduced cost per mil of dry film thickness.  
  • With a Shore D hardness rating of 65+, Chem-Thane P-80 cures to a high durometer but stays somewhat flexible over time.  
  • Chem-Thane P-80 can be applied directly to dry, properly prepared concrete without any added reducers.
  • ROCK-TRED’s Universal Colorant can be added to field tint Chem-Thane P-80 any ROCK-TRED Standard Color.  The colorant loading is one 1.5 Colorant Jar Unit per 3.3 gallon mix of P-80.

Installers that are looking for a go to polyaspartic coating for use in decorative or industrial system will find great value in Chem-Thane P-80.